My expertise
System Design · API Development · Prototyping · Software Deployment · Cloud Infrastructure
Python (incl. Flask, SQLAlchemy, PyTest) · Rust · Scala
Vue.js · HTML5 · SCSS
Ansible · Terraform · nginx · bash
Git · Docker · SQL (incl. PostgreSQL)
Engineering Best Practices · Design Patterns · TDD · UI/UX Design

User-friendly client designed for browsing real estates scraped from sites that provide online classifieds such as Gumtree or OLX.

Dynamically allocates ratings calculated for each advertisement by validating locations from map coordinates, quality of photos as well as public transit capabilities.

Frontend: Vue.js · PWA (Progressive Web App) · Responsive design · Google Maps API
Backend: Python3 · Web Scraping · Beautiful Soup · Google Distance Matrix API · Flask · Flask-RESTful · MySQL · Selenium
Platforma UEK

An online platform developed at UEK Hack Cup designed for students and faculty staff of Cracow University of Economics.

Allows for distribution of important messages targeted to specific groups tied to different channels selected by the user.

Frontend: Vue.js · PWA (Progressive Web App) · Responsive design · Timetable.js
Oyster Storage

Web client for AWS S3-compatible Object Storage that allows uploading files directly via browser to specified buckets.

Features support for directories, generating private and unique URLs to objects and two factor authentication. Can be hosted on Heroku-like services.

Frontend: Jinja2 · AJAX
Backend: Python3 · Flask · MySQL · Boto3 · AWS S3 · SQLAlchemy
Ściana Płaczu

An award-winning solution for finding available dates in Polish National Health Fund institutions.

Provides an open API as well as both native and web cross-platform mobile apps.

Frontend: Ionic 2 · PWA (Progressive Web App)

App designed to provide a simplified and coherent way of organising rehearsals.

Allows the band members to easily check the lyrics and chords while playing a live gig.

Frontend: HTML5 · jQuery · PWA (Progressive Web App) · Facebook SDK
Backend: PHP · Laravel · MySQL
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